Here are two of Michaela's poems which are featured on the Anthony Hecht Prize Winners site

“Full Circle” was first published in The Southern Review and “When We Speak of Love” was first published in New England Review.


And click on the below link for an interview with the poet and critic Alan Williamson at TriQuarterly:

Landscape-Women and Empty Circles: A Conversation With Alan Williamson

When We Speak of Love

We never use it as a verb, not if I 
is the subject and you the object. Instead

when morning falls in bars of sky
or water blue across the bed,

you close the blinds, pull me to your chest
and I slide back inside

the dream where there are seconds left,
seconds before the stretch of low tide

is gone with my breath, your heart, a clock,
a time bomb, as the wave crests, black,

and skyscraper high. We should talk –
discuss us – I guess. But the wave's wake

is a mile of water I am under,
a mile of silver, breathless wonder.


Full Circle


... and my daughters from the ends of the earth
– Isaiah 43:6


You think them weak, the way they'd shatter
with pleasure. You think to protect them –
to frame them in wood, or in metal, like mirrors, 
to shut them in cupboards like China,
these creatures of beauty and light.

Perhaps they are lithic by nature,
like marble hand-picked by the Master,
perhaps they yearn for his chisel's blow.
You think what you have after they go
is part of them. Apart,

you think it's them, this kissed-crust, 
something given. But how they long for all 
to fall – weight and blockage –
from this thing they are becoming,
this thing in which they trust.

And though you envy their distance,
though you'd write it into romance,
they've only held fast to their core 
as the Master turned the wheel, 
felt a new angle vulnerable,

the next blow. Not to worry. 
When your daughter has gone so far
she is unreachable, she will follow
you everywhere, moon in your square
of car window, cities streaming past.

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