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The Girls

It’s 1969, and fourteen year old Evie, who lives in the small town of Petaluma, is so good at not making waves she is practically invisible. But then she meets the older, free-spirited Suzanne, who lives outside of society’s rules.

Inspired by Charles Manson and the infamous murders, Emma Cline’s beautifully rendered novel The Girls plunges below the circumstances, telling a story that haunts the reader—not just with its lurid details, but with the complex yearnings of its characters. No one is black or white. Rather, Cline paints them in a thousand hues of grey. Her real subject is girls—their vulnerability and anger, their hunger to be noticed and loved.

If you want a smart and compulsive read this summer, look no further. As unsettling as it is insightful, The Girls will draw you in with the first page and not let go, even after you have finished it.

The Girls, by Emma Cline (Pub. date: 14 June 2016)

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