Leonora in the Morning Light

A Novel

London, 1937: Leonora Carrington is a twenty-year-old on the cusp of independence, discovering her own creative powers as a painter, when she falls into a turbulent, passionate love affair with Max Ernst, a married artist twenty-six years older. Determined to break free from her family’s upper-class expectations, she follows him to Paris, where she is thrust into the vibrant, revolutionary world of studios and cafes, where rising visionaries of the Surrealist movement, like Andre Breton, Pablo Picasso, Lee Miller, Man Ray, and Salvador Dali, are challenging conventional approaches to art and life. Inspired by their freedom, Leonora begins to experiment with her own work, translating vivid stories of her youth onto canvas and gaining recognition under her own name—until, suddenly, the shadow of war and occupation begins to spread over Europe, and headlines emerge denouncing Max and his circle as “degenerates.”


Forced to flee France, Max and Leonora are separated, but both begin remarkable journeys that will shape them as artists and individuals. On the run from an internment camp, Max seeks the aid of Peggy Guggenheim, who is helping artists escape from the Nazis, while Leonora, once trapped in a Spanish asylum, begins to claim her identity and unleash the quiet, inner power that will eventually make her one of the most influential women of our time.


Based on true events and historical figures, Leonora in the Morning Light is an unforgettable story of love, art, and destiny that restores a twentieth-century heroine to her rightful place.

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Die Surrealistin

Leanora in the

Morning Light

Die Surrealistin

(German Publication)

Further Out

Than You Thought

Leonora in the Morning Light has been translated into German and published by Kindler Books. Now available for sale in the EU.

Brave Frauen schreiben selten Geschichte.

1937. Als die junge Engländerin Leonora Carrington den berühmten Surrealisten Max Ernst kennenlernt, ist er ein verheirateter Mann. Er führt sie in die Pariser Künstlerszene um Salvador Dalì und Pablo Picasso ein, und bald wird aus der leidenschaftlichen Affäre eine Liebesbeziehung. Das Paar zieht nach Südfrankreich, wo Carrington sich der Malerei verschreibt.

Doch dann bricht der 2. Weltkrieg aus, Max Ernst wird von den Franzosen inhaftiert. Jahre später findet er ihr gemeinsames Haus leer vor. Er macht sich auf die Suche nach ihr. Doch Leonora hat mittlerweile begonnen, sich als Frau und Künstlerin zu emanzipieren. Auch von Max Ernst.

Die packende Lebensgeschichte einer der wichtigsten Vertreterinnen des Surrealismus.



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